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Traffic Tickets for CDL Drivers

A CDL Traffic Ticket

You have a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and just got pulled over by a state trooper while driving your truck. You haven’t had a ticket in 20 years. But now, not only did he write you a ticket for going 5-over while you were heading down a steep hill, but he also performed a full Level 1 DOT inspection. He wrote you up for things as small as discolored hoses, a fire extinguisher clip that had come undone, and scrutinized your logbooks to give an ELD violation for driving 15 minutes in personal conveyance when you couldn’t find anywhere to park. You know that there might be serious consequences for your livelihood. Who can you turn to? That’s where Stowers & Sarcone comes in.

More Serious Consequences for Commercial Drivers

If you have a CDL and get a traffic ticket, there are three sets of implications you should consider:

  • What are the consequences for my Iowa driving record? If I’m an out-of-state driver, what are the consequences for my license home state?
  • What are the consequences for my federal driving record, including my company’s CSA score under the FMSCA?
  • What are the consequences with my (or my company’s) insurance company?

These are all extremely important questions you should know the answer to before you admit any guilt or pay any ticket. Different tickets carry different violation scores under the CSA ratings, and tickets that sound the same might carry vastly different consequences. Your CSA BASIC score impacts both you and your company. Additionally, your CDL privileges under Iowa law can be adversely affected. Finally, you also need to consider how any ticket can affect your insurance rates.

If you have a CDL and have gotten any type of traffic ticket, you need an experienced lawyer to sort through it and protect you and your record. At Stowers & Sarcone, we handle all types of traffic tickets and understand the important implications that come with getting a ticket with a CDL. We can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case, saving your job and career. Contact us at 515-224-7446 to see how we can help you deal with excessive traffic charges!




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