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How to modify a no contact order

Iowa no contact orders

Modifying a no contact order can be complicated business. There are several types of no contact orders in Iowa. No contact orders which accompany a criminal charge (i.e. domestic assault, harassment, abuse etc.) are the subject of this post. As a charged defendant you should discuss modification with your attorney. No contact orders can be modified, prior to completion of your case. Modifications typically permit child visitation and phone-text-email communication. A modification requires your lawyer to make a motion to the court. A hearing is then set for your attorney to explain to the court the reasons for your requested modification. Most no contact orders will not be dropped until your criminal case is over (and some will survive the case).

As the “protected party”, the person whom the no contact order is designed to protect, you should discuss modification with your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer you should retain one to assist you. Modification of no contact orders can be difficult and may require you to appear before a judge. Iowa judges may ask you questions related to the crime you reported. If you deny the crime occurred, or make materially false statements, you could set yourself up for prosecution.

The attorneys at Stowers & Sarcone, PLC regularly handle modifications of criminal no contact orders. Additionally, our attorneys handle a wide variety of criminal cases from traffic tickets to major state and federal felonies. If you need help modifying a no contact order or have a criminal charge, call us immediately at (515) 224-7446.

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