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A Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Because Federal Criminal Cases Are Different

Federal Criminal Cases are complicated. Federal Criminal Cases require a skilled, Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer. Dean Stowers and Nick Sarcone have 45 years combined experience defending federal criminal cases. In fact, Dean Stowers is one of the few death penalty certified lawyers in Iowa. Rest assured, if you are charged with any federal drug crime, child pornography offense, gun or firearms crimes, sex trafficking, tax or medicare fraud, or any other federal offense, Dean Stowers and Nick Sarcone will represent you.

Federal Court Is Different Than Iowa State Court

Huge differences exist between Iowa State and Federal Court.

First, the United State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes crimes in Federal District Court. The Department of Justice employs these career, professional prosecutors. In contrast, local County Attorneys prosecute state cases.

Next, Federal Court prison sentences are usually more severe. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines govern federal sentencing. The Federal Sentencing Commission created the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The guidelines yield very harsh sentences even for low level offense. When sentencing a person, Federal Judges must consider these harsh guidelines.

Finally, all of the resources of the federal government are available to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Thus, the F.B.I., D.E.A. and A.T.F. can all assist in federal investigations and prosecutions. As a result, in Federal Criminal Cases, the quantity and quality of evidence is substantially better than in Iowa State Courts.

A Skilled Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make A Difference

In Federal Court, you need a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to expertly attack the evidence. You need a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to aggressively cross-examine the government’s witnesses. You need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to make the best arguments at sentencing. You need Stowers & Sarcone, PLC! If you, or a loved one is charged with a Federal Criminal Offense, there is hope! Call Stowers & Sarcone, PLC now!




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