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Beyond the Scope

Drug Crimes / General Iowa Law

Illegal search by police uncovered by Stowers & Nelsen | Case Dismissed

August 9, 2022
Federal Criminal Defense / General Iowa Law

Eyewitness Misidentification

Drug Crimes / Police Encounters / Traffic

Judge throws out felony drug case after client retains Stowers & Nelsen

Domestic Crime

How to modify a no contact order

General Iowa Law / Traffic

Traffic Tickets for CDL Drivers

domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse Assault in Iowa

When does an assault turn into domestic abuse? Domestic abuse ...
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Riot and Public Disorder in Iowa

What is a riot? Iowa Code Section 723.1 defines a ...
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Tips for dealing with a police stop

Did the police stop you? Here’s what to do.

Tips for dealing with the police Imagine this: you're the ...
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Iowa Appellate Lawyers


IOWA APPELLATE LAWYERS If you need Iowa Appellate Lawyers you ...
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